Monday, December 1, 2014

Cyber Monday Special is HERE!

Be sure to head on over to the Puppy Yums Facebook page to get the Cyber Monday Special for all orders:

The 25% OFF will automatically be discounted on all orders placed today.  How do you place an order?  It's simple: go to the Puppy Yums Facebook page & Private Message (you'll need to like the page to send an PM).  Send us your email address, along with what biscuits you'd like to order.  Once we receive your order, we'll send you an invoice through PayPal.  It's THAT simple!

...but HURRY because this great deal is good for Puppy Yums orders placed TODAY only (sale expires at 11.59 p.m. on 12.01.14)

Happy Shopping!

The Puppy Yums Team

Sunday, November 30, 2014

Cyber Monday Special

Things have been very busy here are Puppy Yums as we gear up for our Cyber Monday Special.  This will be our very first special offer, since we only opened for business within the last month.  =)

While we don't want to give away all the details right now & spoil the surprise... all we can say is it's going to be a most-generous offer, but you must place an order on Monday, December 1st in order to be included on this special offer.

Please be sure to check out our Facebook page for all the details on Monday: Puppy Yums

Looking forward to having you join us on Monday, December 1st as we celebrate our 1st (EVER) Cyber Monday Special!!

The Puppy Yums Team

Sunday, November 16, 2014

Product Pricing

At Puppy Yums we are making all-natural delicious biscuits for your dog(s) to enjoy.  Dogs come in all shapes & sizes, so should their biscuits.  We're offering our biscuits in sizes comparable to your dog(s).

Our biscuits come in toy (small), standard (medium), & great (large).  You don't want to feed your dog a biscuit that's too little or too much for their size, so that's why Puppy Yums brings our biscuits to you in a size that is appropriate for your dog.  After all, it's a treat!
Here is the Toy (small) biscuit from Puppy Yums.
Here is the Standard (medium) biscuit from Puppy Yums
Here is the Great (large) biscuit from Puppy Yums

Our biscuits come in 8 oz. packages for $4.95 (shipping & handling charges are additional).

We will be announcing very soon our Grand Opening & Launch of Puppy Yums.  We will have special offers & promotions during this time, so get ready!


The Puppy Yums Team

Monday, November 10, 2014

Puppy Yums is Coming Soon!

Preparations are being made for the upcoming launch of Puppy Yums.  We'll be going live with our product line of all-natural dog biscuits very soon.

What kind of biscuits will be offered at Puppy Yums:
  • Peanut Butter
  • Carrot & Oat
  • Cheddar & Apple

Sounds yummy, right?  Well, we know you're dog will enjoy them too.  And because we're using all-natural, human-grade ingredients... you can take a nibble too.  Our biscuits are even gluten-free!

If you don't want to miss out on any of the Puppy Yums product line of biscuits, you can sign up to follow our blog by using the "Follow by Email" section on the left side of the blog.  This way you'll receive our latest posts right to your email!  Or you can follow us on Facebook: Puppy Yums


The Puppy Yums Team