Sunday, November 16, 2014

Product Pricing

At Puppy Yums we are making all-natural delicious biscuits for your dog(s) to enjoy.  Dogs come in all shapes & sizes, so should their biscuits.  We're offering our biscuits in sizes comparable to your dog(s).

Our biscuits come in toy (small), standard (medium), & great (large).  You don't want to feed your dog a biscuit that's too little or too much for their size, so that's why Puppy Yums brings our biscuits to you in a size that is appropriate for your dog.  After all, it's a treat!
Here is the Toy (small) biscuit from Puppy Yums.
Here is the Standard (medium) biscuit from Puppy Yums
Here is the Great (large) biscuit from Puppy Yums

Our biscuits come in 8 oz. packages for $4.95 (shipping & handling charges are additional).

We will be announcing very soon our Grand Opening & Launch of Puppy Yums.  We will have special offers & promotions during this time, so get ready!


The Puppy Yums Team

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